sandwichWhat’s The Sandwich Generation?
Sociologists now refer to those baby boomers caring for both their children and their elderly parents The Sandwich Generation.

“I tell my contemporaries that if they are not facing this dilemma (with their parents) now, they will,” said Taylor.

Non-medical home care is a wonderful option for those caring for an elderly loved one. Families might hire a caregiver to check on their parent(s) during the day, so that they can continue to work. Caregivers make lunch, run errands or simply make sure that their loved one is safe–which offers family caregivers respite and peace of mind.

It’s personal …
“It’s all very close to my heart. When my father, who lived in Euclid, Ohio, needed this type of assistance, we couldn’t find anybody other than family that we felt we could trust.” In caring for her father, the seed was planted. Kathy left the corporate world in 2010, after years of working as an Escrow Officer in the mortgage industry. She opened Taylor Made Home Care, LLC which services the Lake and Geauga county areas in Northeast Ohio.

“I was looking to get out of the corporate world and start my own business. There were few organizations in the area that filled this middle ground between assisted living and helping seniors stay at home. I saw this as a viable business opportunity,” said Taylor “Yet I also saw this as a ‘feel good’ business because we’re doing something so important—helping others.”

Why non-medical home care?
“A companion to a frail senior, or somebody with early Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, can make all the difference in the world,” said Kathy Taylor “A companion gives homebound people back their freedom, gives them hope and often lifts their spirits. The cost is far less than for hourly or live-in care and often more appropriate for people who are generally healthy.”

Non-medical home care offers respite care for families, companion care for those in need of assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) such as bathing, toileting, transportation to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, hair appointments, meal preparation and more. Taylor Made caregivers can do medication reminders, but do not handle medicine as a Home Health care Aide might. Many seniors benefit from the companionship itself, a necessity for those whose social world has grown smaller.

Statistics …
According to the National Academy on Aging Society, there are an estimated 8.5 million people over age 70 in America with limitations in walking, dressing, bathing, shopping, paying bills and preparing meals. Estimates are that the number will grow to 21 million in the next quarter century.

Non-medical home care is another option …
“For many of these people, their only option would be to have family members look after them, or be institutionalized,” said Taylor. “Many people either don’t have family members to care for them, or are reluctant to shift the burden of care upon their children. Plus, they don’t want to leave their homes to live in a senior facility, except as a last resort. We provide a third, very viable option—a companion who gives them the help they need, and the social outlet. Even just several hours a day can make a huge difference. Many of our clients say that it’s these hours of the day, or these days of the week, that they look forward to most.”

The service provided by the handful of specialty home care agencies like Taylor Made are in great demand—and will only grow in the years ahead.

For more information about Taylor Made Home Care, please visit our website or call our office at 440-946-6446.


About Taylor Made Home Care

Located in Willoughby, Ohio, we are a locally owned and operated non-medical/private duty home care agency. Our services include care/assistance for seniors, after surgery care, expectant mothers on bed rest, Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. We provide respite care for family caregivers. We service Lake, Geauga, and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties in Northeast Ohio. A management team member is on call during non-office hours.
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