Gift Ideas for the Elderly …

blue boxDid you wait until the last-minute because you weren’t sure what to get an elderly loved one, relative?

Often they don’t need more stuff!!!

More than anything, they want a little bit of your time, a visit or even an outing.

When it comes to gift giving, put yourself in their position. What would be MOST helpful?

A few suggestions…

Store Gift Certificates: To the local grocery store or any store that you are sure they shop regularly. Or if they still drive, gas cards, movie tickets, etc. To make this more personal, tuck it in a basket filled with a few favorite goodies, or even Christmas cookies.

Snow Removal Contracts: Gather the family and purchase a snow removal contract, or contact a local company to have on hand to send over as needed. Arranging for your loved ones driveway to be cleared means they can safely get the mail, get in and out of the driveway–and that they don’t tackle the job themselves.

Food Baskets: It’s going to get cold in Ohio, so a basket of staples might be appreciated for the person who doesn’t get out regularly. Choose food items that are easily prepared and that last for several months. That way, there is a backup lunch or dinner plan.

Even better: Cook some lunches and dinners. Freeze them in individual or small portions, so that they can be heated as needed. We do this in our house, especially with lasagna. That way it is there when we run out of options…

Senior Center: Does your relative frequent the local senior center? Memberships are minimal. Consider getting the membership and paying for a class or activity that your loved one would enjoy.

Other Gift Certificate Ideas: Our non-medical home care agency has gift certificates for those needing help to get to doctors appointments, to the store, or for any of the many services we provide. Check around. Try to notice what needs done. Would a cleaning service, or some yard work be appreciated? For the bigger items, round-up the family members and make it a joint gift.

And if you live out-of-town? Talk to relatives who are local for direction of what might be most helpful.

Gift giving can be stressful and lets face it; some of us have limited budgets. Others have the budget, but are short on ideas.

The most important thing is to think of the other person. It IS the thought that counts, but the better job we do in thinking, the better chance this years holiday gift will hit the mark. And be the perfect gift!!

Other suggestions?? Feel free to comment and add to the list…


About Taylor Made Home Care

Located in Willoughby, Ohio, we are a locally owned and operated non-medical/private duty home care agency. Our services include care/assistance for seniors, after surgery care, expectant mothers on bed rest, Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. We provide respite care for family caregivers. We service Lake, Geauga, and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties in Northeast Ohio. A management team member is on call during non-office hours.
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